• Natural Healthcare Center for Animals!

    A true Holistic approach to healthcare for dogs and cats. Contact us for an appointment 719-494-1156.

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  • Veterinary Services Available

    Our services include Preventative Healthcare (vaccination and parasite control), Manual Therapy (Chiropractic), Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing), Eastern and Western Herbals, and Homeopathics.

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  • Nutritional Consultation

    Diet designs for special needs patients with an emphasis on fresh foods and organic ingredients.

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Natural Healthcare Center for Animals provides the most modern concept for your companion’s wellness.

This is a clinic where your pets health is viewed from a Holistic perspective first and traditional medicine and surgery are used when appropriate. Decades of training and experience in both Traditional and Natural Medicine gives your companion an unequaled wellness path for life. It is truly the best of both worlds. Our goal is to treat with less chemicals, fewer side effects and better foods. The logical result is better health and performance for life.

Here is a Doctor that has the experience and understanding about combining Western Traditional Medicine and Natural Medicine as we understand it today. He understands the capabilities and limitations of both. He knows when to recommend each and whether they are compatible. It is our job to make sure that it is the safest and the best path for your companion. There are other part-time holistic veterinarians in Colorado Springs, but Jim Friedly DVM is the only full-time Holistic Veterinarian with advanced training. No other Holistic Veterinarian in Colorado Springs has acquired this comprehensive understanding of Natural Medicine.

The Natural Healthcare Center For Animals is a clinic for the animal owner that needs more answers. We can help whether you are just beginning to look into Holistic Medicine or already have a good understanding of these Complimentary therapies. Are you confused about the frequency of vaccination or the serious side effects of chemical drugs? Are you seeking only Natural therapies whenever possible for your pets? We can help with a practical and common sense approach.